Uganda updates now online


Some of you might already have seen the new online update for Ghana. Others may be familiar with the Uganda update newsletter.  Either way, welcome to my new blog/website, whose main purpose is to provide a more maintainable and interactive update service for readers of my Bradt guides.     

I started with Ghana to set things rolling. Now its Uganda’s turn. The principle is simple enough. As we all know, one of the biggest flaws with print travel guides is that their every word is set in stone once any given edition is published, so they are unable to reflect changes until the next edition comes out. Websites and blogs are more responsive to change, but generally lack the solidity, structure and compactness of a ‘one stop shop’ guidebook.

Hence this blog. As with the old update newsletter, it will provide regular interim reports between editions of the Bradt guide, culled from other reader’s emails and people in the local tourist industry. But it will be far more responsive in two respects. The first is that anybody can post up-to-date comments to the relevant chapter web page at any time, and these will show up almost immediately. Secondly, I can also post new info from readers online as it lands in my in-tray, creating a near instant turnaround rather than the delay of several months that often occurred between the old style newsletters.  

Overall, I’m really excited at the possibilities this type of site creates for a more interactive relationship between guidebook writers and users, and as a channel for getting fresh travel information out to travellers who want it. As with the newsletter, this website is a free service, and all prospective travellers to Uganda are welcome to make use of the information. But equally, the more travellers who contribute update info – whether they post comments directly, or email me the feedback to post myself – the more useful the website will be.

To see the Uganda update, follow the ‘Bradt Guide Updates’ link, or just click here, and feel free to let me know what you think. It’s still early days, and all a bit rough at the edges, so all feedback welcomed.

For those interested in bit of a Bradt news, Brian Blatt has just returned from an update trip to Ethiopia that seemed to take in every corner of the country, and he is busy writing up the 5th edition at the moment.  We’re also starting up on the 6th edition of Tanzania and Northern Tanzania guides: Kim Wildman has just returned from a long trip around the south and west, and I’ll be heading up to the north in a couple of weeks.

Happy travels!


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